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About Us

Founded in 2006 by owner Pati Robben, Robben’s Nest Stitchery is a complete, custom embroidery, screen printing and monogramming service. We supply the garments and we do all embroidery in house. We are a locally woman-owned business and we are happy to be a part of the greater Rochester community.

At Robben’s Nest, every project is custom. But custom does not have to mean over-priced!
Our prices are very competitive and we have no minimum orders. Volume discounts are also available. We can help you choose just the right garments or gifts, embroidery designs, sizes and colors - at just the right price point. Let us create a great look for your business or gift giving occasion!

Our Mission

We strive to provide high quality and custom apparel and accessories with  attention to  excellent customer service.  Our key to success is attention to detail and giving our customers just a bit more than they expect.

274 North Goodman St.
Suite D211
Rochester, NY 14607
Phone Hours: Monday through Friday 10am - 5pm
Consultations by Appointment Only
"We are flexible, give us a call!"